Once upon another time there was a post on the Off Topic forums that initiated a cooperative multiplayer (deathmatch) Half-Life mapping project. But instead of evolving into a playable, released map, Frankenstein 4 died a quiet death resulting from engine limitations and apathy. For my part, I ended up with a homeless small chunk of map in the Black Mesa style. It would have been terrible for deathmatch anyway.

Cut to 10 years (!) later. I was asked to supply a Half-Life map to help the Beta Testers Collective screen prospective testers. As one of the many forgotten maps and map fragments lingering from the old days on my hard drive, I chose it to submit as it was small but one of the more polished in terms of layout and looks. It was empty from a gameplay perspective, since it was designed for deathmatch but the BTC needed a single player map.

So I took some gameplay ideas from another (so far unreleased) Half-Life mod I've been working on and implemented them in my former Frankenstein 4 map. Some modifications to the layout and lighting, and you're just about all caught up. It was useful to the BTC, and a couple months later I decided to release it for my own reasons.

Overall this is a small map that will hopefully serve as a short diversion, and give you a decent challenge.


Pictures open in a new window.


Thanks to the Half-Life: Nightwatch guys for allowing me to use the nifty headcrab model - specifically, thanks to Andrew Weldon and Martin Badowsky.

As usual I owe thanks to the artists out there that make and distribute custom textures for use in the public domain. Specifically, thanks to these makers of the textures I used:

Thanks to my beta testers Qwertyus and Ade from the Beta Testers Collective.

And finally, thanks to Yesukai and the old crew at the Valve ERC forums, for the memories and the ideas, including the origin of this map which (un)fortunately never saw the light of day.


Coming soon