Rumble is a single map for Half-Life that was originally made for the Martyred Pop Machine Contest at the Valve ERC. This was my first-ever completed and released Half-Life map, even though at the time of original release I had been mapping for Half-Life for two years.

This is a small, novelty map intended to satisfy the contest rules (which you may want to read beforehand) and to entertain. Rumble was designed and built in just under 2 weeks, to make the contest deadline. There is no combat whatsoever in this map. As I said, it was mainly made to entertain, so if you are just looking for a shoot-em-up, look elsewhere.

There are some really high (approaching 1500) r_speeds in this map. I was unable (and unwilling) to reduce them to an acceptable number given my map's layout. Don't even bother pointing them out to me. This map is not intended to be played in software mode, because it will look like crap when all the faces are dropped. Get a real video card and please come again.

Please play with the Half-Life CD in the drive for the intended experience.


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Some of the original inspiration for this map came from a damn funny Half-Life sound mix that someone made and that I haven't been able to track down. But it featured some great scientist/Barney banter that I mimicked in Rumble.

I used and modified some textures from Barking Dog Studios' TFC texture pack, which was included with a small pack of their TFC maps which to my knowledge is only available on some PCGamer CDs. It's a shame; I thought those maps were great but never really had a chance to play them online.

Thanks to Jabyaeye for beta testing.


Filesize: 1.1 MB
Maps: 1
Type: Half-Life Single Player
Original release: June 4, 2001
Installation: Unzip to your Half-Life directory, then select Rumble from the Custom Game menu.